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maeve thompson-starkey

Take control of your health and fitness today


Become flexible, fit & strong with personal training

In-person or online, I can help you get in the best shape of your life with personal training, a home-based plan for you to follow, or nutrition coaching you can use anywhere to improve your health

Strength Training

I love to use bodyweight movements and/or simple equipment to improve your fundamental strength


Mobility and flexibility are key areas to maintain function and retain our independence as we age

Nutrition planning

Without proper nutrition, the best-laid fitness plans may fail at the first hurdle – we plan your food foundations to ensure success

“I lost 7″ off my waist in about 6 weeks following a nutrition plan from Maeve. It was easy to follow and I didn’t have to cut out things I enjoyed”

amie martin

“I started dropping pounds within a couple of weeks with Maeve’s easy-to-follow fitness and nutrition plan. With Maeve’s guidance, I found it easier to follow compared to trying (and failing) to do it on my own before”

miriam munson

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Nutrition planning

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