Are you a busy working parent? Do you often feel tired, or have consistently low energy levels? I speak to busy working parents and stay-at-home mums all the time, who are in this situation. You may have gained weight, and slipped into bad habits, but despite trying the gym or some kind of diet, you have not really been able to get back to your pre-kids weight or energy levels.

I see a lot of parents like you, who have lost a bit of their mojo in life and would really love to get it back – if that’s you, get in touch and see how I can help you can regain control of your health, weight, and energy levels.

About Maeve

Maeve Thompson-Starkey, BA (Hons), MSt (Cantab), MSc Nutritional Therapy (Pending). mBANT (Student), mCIMSPA (L3 Personal Trainer, L3 Nutrition for Sports & Exercise)

I’ve been helping busy parents with school age children overcome their weight, energy, and fitness issues since I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports & Exercise Nutritionist. As a CIMSPA registered practitioner, you can trust that I am up-to-date in the knowledge and skills needed to help you take back control of your health and fitness.

You have probably tried a few things and failed at losing weight or getting fitter, you have realised that you cannot get fit and healthy overnight, this is why we work together for a three month period or longer. You want lasting solutions and you want to feel that zest for life again, to have fun with your family and not feel drained before the day is even over.

Your family is important to you, and you want to enjoy this time in your life – getting healthy and fit helps you to be there for your family and it helps you too!

Contact Me today to find out how I can help you get your energy back and feel fit and active again.