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About me

About me

In an ideal world, we would know what to eat and what exercise to do to keep ourselves healthy, fit, and active. Unfortunately, life isn’t like that and we often need guidance to get us on the right track.

I’m Maeve Thompson-Starkey, a CIMSPA registered Personal Trainer, Performance Nutritionist, and Coach. I love to get people moving more and eating well.

I provide simple, practical plans and coaching for exercise and/or nutrition – book a free call and let’s have a chat about your health and fitness goals!


I only offer a personalised service. Everything is tailored to your unique needs. This includes to each individual player on a sports team


I have been CIMSPA registered since 2019 and adds new CPD every year. I am currently pursuing my MSc in Nutritional Therapy with a dissertation in sports nutrition


I am a member of BANT, the Nutrition Society, BASES, and CIMSPA and regularly attend conferences and seminars to keep my knowledge up-to-date

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