Don’t wait! Look at what past ​clients have to say about ​Maeve’s coaching

Miriam Munson

Great Weight Loss!

​I lost 9lbs in just 6 weeks, and that was before we even started on the fitness side of things. The nutrition alone was already working so well, it gave me the confidence in Maeve’s knowledge and abilities as a coach to help me lose even more weight with exercise too.

Amie Martin

​Lost 7″ in under 6 weeks!

I could hardly believe what happened after I started working with Maeve. We started in late November and Christmas was coming up soon, but I managed to lose 7″ before we’d even finished the first 6 weeks… and that was including the Christmas season! I lost another inch in the weeks after Christmas too! Impressed! It was so easy to follow and even my other half liked the meals.

Claire Fletcher

Very Grateful!

​Genuinely excited to figure all this out with you and get my health back. I appreciate all your help and I’m very grateful.